Get involved and join as a member of the TSNLA!

The TSNLA reaches over 1000 Third Sector learning providers, and this wide base allows us to have a strong voice when talking about policy and funding.  Why not join us as an individual or organisation, and help provide a healthy and vibrant Third Sector contribution to the learning and skills agenda in the UK?

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

TSNLA members deliver all kinds of learning, from first steps through to employment training and Apprenticeships.  As the leading membership association for Third Sector learning providers, joining the TSNLA brings you closer to that community, and allows you to benefit from everyone’s experiences.

TSNLA lobbies on behalf of its members to Government departments and funding/planning agencies to ensure that the vital contribution of Third Sector providers remains high on the agenda.

Members receive regular policy updates covering a range of issues that impact on Third Sector learning providers. These updates include policy developments, information on new funding and planning structures around post-compulsory education, and opportunities to contribute to the development of policy and funding. They also give a wealth of detail around new free  resources, opportunities for training and development, and sources of funding.

Members also get the opportunity to participate in a range of funded projects.  Such projects include the Professional Exchange project running through 2016/17 which will develop and share good practice around Continual Professional Development.

Membership gives access to a wealth of expertise and experience from Board Trustees who contribute thought pieces and opinions on critical issues affecting Third Sector learning providers.  Members can also influence TSNLA’s policy development by contributing to surveys and consultations, and by raising issues with the manager.

A range of membership levels are available, and many organisations are eligible to join for free. 

Find out more about what membership of the TSNLA can do for your organisation and how to join.