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The Third Sector National Learning Alliance (TSNLA) is a non-profit organisation, open to any Third Sector organisation committed to delivering quality learning experiences for adults and young people. It currently has over 750 member providers from the Third Sector. 

This wide base allows us to have a strong and credible voice when talking to policy makers and funders about Third Sector learning. We can only continue to have that influence if Third Sector learning and skills providers support us by joining the TSNLA.

The TSNLA highly values its members’ input and contribution. Membership (and the funding this raises) allows us to sustain the independence of the TSNLA and helps to focus our advocacy and membership services for our members.

The TSNLA works to protect the interests of Third Sector learning providers, big and small. We represent, promote and champion Third Tector providers of learning for adults and young people by providing a national voice which is recognised by key national policy making and funding bodies. We lobby on behalf of members, representing and reflecting the views of members to influence broader learning and skills policy and funding frameworks, and address issues that impact on the skills, prosperity and well-being of learners.

The TSNLA works through its experienced Trustees to ensure its members’ views are taken into account by the Government and other national stakeholders. Trustees help influence policy direction for adult learning and skills through membership of a number of important national steering and policy groups. Through the TSNLA, the voice of Third Sector learning can be heard.

Joining the TSNLA will ensure that we have a strong, single voice to support investment in Third Sector learning and skills.  Individual or organisational membership contributions help us provide a healthy and vibrant Third Sector contribution to the learning and skills agenda in the UK.


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