AEB tender update - ESFA shakes the magic money tree!

Following representation from the TSNLA and others, the ESFA has offered additional funding for successful AEB tenderers. This funding is for 17/18 only. It is a response to our complaint that unsuccessful bidders who previously held contracts were offered transitional support for 17/18 while successful bidders faced big in-year reductions.

On Friday, the ESFA sent out a letter to providers offering an increase in the 'run-down' contract allowing successful providers to continue to offer 'non-priority' provision in 17/18. It was not clear from the letter whether this funding was in addition to, or instead of, the award gained under the AEB procurement process. Tim Ward, CEO of the TSNLA, checked with the ESFA and we can confirm that it is additional funding and providers will still get the award made to them under the procurement process.

While this is good news, the TSNLA we will continue to pursue our other concerns about the importance of so-called 'non-priority' provision and the position of unsuccessful third sector bidders.