Call for evidence in review of adult, FE and vocational funding

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee is conducting an inquiry into the economics of higher education, further education, and vocational training. It will consider:


  • Is the current structure of post-school education and training, and the way it is financed, appropriate for the modern British economy?
  • What changes are required to develop a system that meets the needs of enterprise and the labour market whilst providing value for students and the Government?


Lord Forsyth, Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee, will also ask whether the system of FE and vocational training is funded fairly, and if there should be a greater focus on technical qualifications in STEM subjects to fill shortages in the labour market.


The Committee wants to gather written evidence from anyone interested in the subject.  Submissions are required by 14 September 2017.


Respond to the inquiry! Read the guidance and submit your written evidence at http://bit.ly/2uti8ch