Develop your skills with Advanced Teacher Status

Advanced Teacher Status is the new higher level recognition for teaching, and a natural next career step for those with several year’s teaching experience and QTLS.  It is aimed at teachers and trainers who want to develop and demonstrate mastery in their practice and their increasing role in supporting others, mentoring and working collaboratively with peers, sharing effective practice, and improving the quality of teaching within their organisation or network.

ATS offers a significant step up from QTLS to recognise advanced teachers and trainers with significant experience, who can demonstrate - at a high level - three key attributes:

·       Mastery in teaching and training.

·       In-depth and up-to-date subject knowledge in their area of professional expertise.

·       Effectiveness in working collaboratively to improve teaching standards amongst their peers or within their organisation.

The Education and Training Foundation still has a few places available for the second cohort of applicants for Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) who will start completing their portfolios in April 2018.  No VCS teacher/trainers applied for the first cohort, so ETF are particularly keen to hear from teachers working in voluntary and community sector organisations.  

The remaining places are available at the lower cost of £250 (full cost £750), provided that applicants are willing to give on-going feedback whilst undertaking ATS.  To be eligible to register an interest, applicants need to have held QTLS for a year and their teacher education qualification for four years.  

The TSNLA would like to encourage teachers and trainers in the third sector to get involved with this, and register to join the next cohort of applicants.  It’s really important that the sector is supported in getting parity with colleges and training providers, and this is an excellent way of demonstrating it.  It will also allow individuals and organisations to improve their practice, and how how they are investing in high quality teaching and learning.

Want to know more or register? Contact ats@etfoundation.co.uk,  adding TSNLA in the subject heading of your e-mail.

Find out more! Further information is also on the website at https://set.et-foundation.co.uk/professionalism/ats/what-is-ats/