Digital Skills Strategy & Entitlement

The Government’s March Digital Strategy commits to closing the digital skills gap for 1.2 million digitally under-skilled people.  The government says that it “will ensure that adults who lack core digital skills can access specified basic digital skills training free of charge, where it is made available by providers as part of the publicly-funded adult education offer. This will mirror the approach taken for adult literacy and numeracy training”.

This does not amount to any extra money, but they do promise to consult on the detail of the offer shortly. There will be a new Digital Skills Partnership to help people access local digitally-focused jobs, bringing together technology companies, local businesses, local government and other organisations to identify digital job vacancies and take action to help people move into these jobs

The Full strategy is at http://tinyurl.com/jgsu8nr, and the Digital Skills part of the Strategy is at http://tinyurl.com/k6l373j


Get Involved! Contribute to research about how the Third Sector can contribute to delivering the digital entitlement

To help prepare for the introduction of the new, publicly-funded entitlement to free basic digital training for adults in England who need it, TSNLA is supporting the Learning and Work Institute and Education and Training Foundation to research factors that might inhibit or support Third Sector training providers in helping to deliver the entitlement.  The research is being done through an online questionnaire to be completed by any Third Sector providers that deliver digital skills - either as an embedded part of non-digital programmes, or as discrete digital courses. It covers accredited and non-accredited provision, and directly contracted and sub-contracted courses. 
The questionnaire is user-friendly, compatible with most frequently used screen readers, and should take around 15 minutes to complete. All responses will be treated anonymously. Please feel free to pass this on to other VCSE providers that you think might be interested and in scope.

The closing date is Friday 21st April. 
Complete the questionnaire here!  https://www.cvent.com/d/t5q0sp