Draft ESOL strategy out for consultation

NATECLA believes an ESOL strategy is vital to bring stability to the ESOL landscape after decades of shifting policies at the hands of successive governments. Together with other stakeholders from across the sector and based on existing documents such as the strategies for Wales and Scotland, we have formulated a draft ESOL strategy for England with a projected launch in September 2016. Download the draft ESOL Strategy document.  The TSNLA is represented in this development by Trustee Cassie Roberts, CEO of ODILS.

A key part of our consultation process for the draft ESOL strategy for England is our on-line survey. This on-line consultation is now live and will run until 15 July 2016. This email contains further information about the strategy and the link to the consultation survey. To ensure this document reflects the needs of the whole ESOL community as well as other organisations and agencies that have a stake in ESOL, we want to consult with as many colleagues as possible. As well as completing the survey we would appreciate it if you could send it to your networks and to other people you know who have a stake in ESOL, especially those in other sectors such as health and employment. 

Thank you in advance for taking  five minutes out of your busy schedule to provide your feedback on the draft ESOL strategy.


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