TSNLA and WEA working together in partnership

We are pleased to announce that following a meeting between Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive WEA and Dr Cheryl Turner, Board Chair TSNLA, our two organisations have agreed to work together when possible to promote and develop lifelong learning. The letter of agreement says:

Whilst having separate missions, the TSNLA and WEA have a common commitment to promoting and protecting the provision of high-quality, diverse learning for the widest range of adults, particularly those who are most disadvantaged and furthest from learning and employment. We share a vision of lifelong learning that supports social justice and cohesive, safe, prosperous, healthy and culturally rich communities.

As part of this collaboration, Joanna Cain (Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Education, WEA) has recently joined the TSNLA Board of Trustees and the TSNLA is actively supporting the work of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Adult Education initiated recently by the WEA and the other Specialist Designated Institutions.

We look forward to more opportunities for closer collaboration and partnership working in the future.


Ruth Spellman - Chief Executive WEA

Dr Cheryl Turner - Chair TSNLA