TSNLA representing Third Sector on Apprenticeship Group

The TSNLA is representing the Third Sector on a newly established Provider Reference Group which will advise the Skills Funding Agency on the implementation of apprenticeship reform that puts employers in direct control of funding through the levy. The group will advise on the options to deliver these changes and the support required to help prepare the sector to respond. The Group has no decision making powers.

In establishing the group, the SFA recognised the need for a strong, responsive and sustainable provider network to support employers in delivering and managing high quality apprenticeships. Membership of the group reflects the potential range of providers, including employers as providers.

The Group will meet monthly, starting in May 2016, and there will be an intensive period of activity until April 2017.

The Provider Reference Group will act in an advisory capacity to the SFA on the implementation of changes resulting from apprenticeship reform policy, the introduction of the levy and the digital apprenticeship service for employers.

The Group will help shape a Provider Readiness Strategy and Delivery Plan that will build a support programme for providers delivering apprenticeships. This will be supported by a communications strategy that is reflective of all types of organisations delivering apprenticeships.

The Group will monitor the Delivery Plan and report on any slippage. It will also measure the impact of the plan in terms of sector responsiveness.