TSNLA wins Professional Exchange CPD Partnership bid

We are delighted to announce that the TSNLA has won one of five contracts to develop a Professional Exchange funded by the Education and Training Foundation. The Exchange will be created in partnership with Enable in the East Midlands, V learning Net and ODILS (Open Doors International Language School) in the South West and London Learning Consortium and ELATT Connected Learning in the London and South East.


The Exchange is based on key elements including:

·        Creating a CPD Champion role within each of the regional partners

·        An exchange of experience and knowledge – drawing on practitioners own experience and skills

·        A 'bottom-up' approach to identifying Continuing Professional Development needs – as well as drawing on local knowledge, national policy and the work of the OTLA projects (Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment) and the Regional Specialist Leads in English and Maths

·        The integration of the ETF Professional Standards

·        Extended reach through participant sharing – with an active role for participants to cascade the learning to colleagues, teams and networks

·        Demonstrating how CPD learning is put into practice to the benefit of learners


The Exchange will build around one national and three regional professional networks. It will deliver free at the point of delivery face-to-face CPD sessions, having identified needs through pre-participating self assessment questionnaires.


One of the key features of the programme will be in calling on participants to share their own knowledge and expertise (hence the exchange) both through initial CPD delivery and by sharing the content afterwards with at least two other colleagues.


If you would like to register interest in this CPD project, please contact John Harris using the Contact page on this website