Update on the TSNLA/ETF Professional Exchange project

The Third Sector Professional Exchange is funded by the Education and Training Foundation as part of their responsibility to improve the quality of teaching and learning in adult learning settings. There are several Exchanges operating throughout England, mostly in the FE college sector and all bigger projects than the Third Sector one.

The TSNLA is the project manager for the Exchange and delighted to be working with two delivery partners: the WEA as a national provider of learning and Humber Learning Consortium (HLC) operating as a managing agent of 45 small providers in Yorkshire and the Humber.


The Exchange is based on learning groups working with a theme over 4 meetings (face to face and virtual), seeking to make the process as much of an ‘Exchange’ as possible through interactive methods and participants being encouraged to cascade their learning to colleagues. All learning methods are placed within the context of the Professional Standards for FE Teachers (produced by the ETF).

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