`Policy in your Pocket` Bulletins

The TSNLA produces a monthly policy briefing called Policy in your Pocket. It contains summary information and links to everything that is going on in the world of adult education policy and funding, plus details of free resources and opportunities for development.

The current Policy in your Pocket briefing is the Xmas 2017 issue. In this last issue of the year you will find:


DfE Social Mobility Plan 

Future of Skills & Lifelong Learning Report

AEB Devolution


T-Level consultation

Careers Strategy

Other news in brief, including:

  • IFS Working Paper ‘Entering the labour market in a weak economy’

  • Non-University Skills Gap report

  • Ofsted publishes inspection data

  • Festival of Learning Awards

  • Learning at Work Week details announced

  • Two-year Degree consultation launched

  • Criticism of the Industrial Strategy

Focus on Funding, Resources & Events, including:

  • TSNLA/ETF Continuing Professional Development Bursary Scheme

  • Teach Too funds – closing date 12th January

  • Flexible Learning Fund pilots – closing date 31st January

  • ETF courses

  • Ofsted Inspection Handbook for 2018

  • What is adult numeracy?

  • Free e-book on Adult Literacy in America

Download and read the Xmas 217 edition


To read previous issues of the Policy in your Pocket Briefing, please select below:

November 2017: Including: A Budget for skills?; Industrial Strategy; Adult Education update; Apprenticeships; Advanced Teacher Status; Festival of Learning; Mental Health & Wellbeing; Other news in brief (including Skills Partner Statement of Action; New head of ESFA starts work; Anger as T-Level pilots involve only one independent training provider; T-Level Consultation opportunity; Skills summit and Institutes of Technology; State of the Nation report on social mobility; FE Colleges fear for their status under a Corbyn government; ESOL; Educating for our Economic Future – second report; OECD report – Getting Skills Right; Student Loans Company Chair loses job; NUS campaign over learner travel costs; Extra support to help disabled people into employment; LVSC closes; New report on digital skills; Friends Centre becomes TSNLA’s newest investor member); and  Focus on Funding, Resources & Events (including TSNLA/ETF Continuing Professional Development Bursary Scheme; Education and Training Foundation (ETF) resources; Flexible Learning Fund pilots; Free resources from NCVO for third sector organisations; Digital Champions training offer; and finally – something to make you laugh)

October 2017: Including Adult learning update; Apprenticeships & social mobility; T-Levels; Autumn budget and ESF;    Conservative Party conference; EPI/Pearson report on post-16 reforms; Other news in brief (including Opportunity to get involved in offender learning contract; Last chance to get involved in the Functional Skills consultation; Nesta report on The Future of Skills: Employment in 2030; Update on Learndirect; Behavioural insights to improve English and maths; Employers still happiest with independent training providers; FE Student Loans changes; AoC calls for DfE civil servants with experience of FE); and Focus on Funding, Resources & Events (including TSNLA/ETF Continuing Professional Development Bursary Scheme; Education and Training Foundation (ETF) resources; Free resources from NCVO for third sector organisations; Digital Champions training offer; Free conference on post-Brexit priorities; European adult learning resources; And a final tribute to Jane Slowey

September 2017: Including Adult learning turmoil (Adult Education Budget crisis; the Learndirect controversy; loans, and AEB devolution); Apprenticeship News (RoATP; social mobility; non-levy tender chaos); Ageing population & digital skills reports; Hearing the learner voice; Party conferences report; Last Area Reviews published; Brexit and FE; Other news in brief (including ETF, FE Workforce skills and Functional Skills Surveys,  an Opportunity to work with Offender Learning, the fall in number of disadvantaged learners, funding for workplace skills, TES Awards for adult community learning, the new Education Select Committee, T-Level support on offer, Festival of Learning Awards, new funding for returners to work, a new Chief for the ESFA, Lord Halfon questions value of employer perspectives survey, and the Learning and Work Institute’s plan for the Chancellor’s budget; and Focus on Funding, Resources & Events (including The Society for Education and Training (SET) membership, Education and Training Foundation (ETF) resources, TSNLA/ETF Continuing Professional Development Bursary Scheme, Free online Prevent training modules, Promotional materials for young adult carers, and Edge Foundation guide to grant funds.

July 2017: Including Adult learning; The Taylor Report; Apprenticeship News; Skills Devolution; More on Social Mobility; Skills Survey; Poor numeracy still a problem; Other news in brief (including government updates; popularity of independent providers; financial woes at Ofsted; Justine Greening’s Skills Army; Labour proposals on loans and learning; under-spent 6th Form education budgets; Festival of Learning); Focus on Funding, Resources & Events (including the Society for Education and Training (SET) membership; free online Prevent modules; Reading Well; Star Dash Studios for National Numeracy; Learning at Work Week 2018; Kings Fund Cascading Leadership programme; Prisoner Learning Alliance conference and awards; Edge Foundation guide to grant funds)

June 2017: Including Post-Election – what’s happening?; Adult Learning – budgets and figures; Apprenticeship News; Social Mobility Reports; Other news in brief; Focus on Funding, Resources & Events

May 2017: Including Election special – what do the parties say?(includes adult & FE, work & benefits, and ESF); Delay to the AEB budget allocation; Campaign to replace ESF; OECD Skills Divide Report; Charities in conflict with Apprenticeships; Apprentice levy goes live; Other news in brief; Focus on Funding, Resources & Events

April 2017: Including Hello to the new ESFA; General Election implications; Response to the Industrial Strategy; Apprenticeships; Adult Education news; Spotlight on older workers Other news in brief; Focus on Funding, Resources & Events

March 2017: Including Brexit and ESF; Spring budget; Digital Strategy & Entitlement; Employment changes from April; Review of the Industrial Strategy; Apprenticeships; Save Adult Education Campaign; IfG Report on Education; New challenges for Ofsted; SFA and EFA merger; Other news in brief; Focus on Funding and Resources

February 2017: Including More on the Adult Education Strategy; ESOL Strategy needed; Job Centre Plus Update; More on the Industrial Strategy; Opportunities around Institutes of Technology?; IPPR Adult Skills Report; Adult Education Procurement; Apprenticeships and diversity; Other news in brief; Focus on Funding and Resources

January 2017: Including New Year’s Honours; Minister Responds to TSNLA letters; What to look out for in 2017; Skills in the Industrial Strategy Consultation; Demands for Adult Education Strategy; Adult Education Procurement; PAC warnings on “high risk” devolution plan; Apprenticeships – lots of developments; Rural Learning Opportunities; Other news in brief; Focus on Funding and Resources

December 2016: Including The Autumn Statement; Ofsted Annual Report; Area Review Report; Functional Skills; Apprenticeships PAC Report; Focus on Funding and Resources; Other news in brief  

November 2016: Including the Autumn Statement; WEA Impact Report launched; Local Area Reviews – get prepared; IPPR Report on Earning & Learning; IPPR Report causes spat between AoC and AELP; “Year of Mental Health” for college education; City & Guilds report on the skills agenda; New Report challenges Apprenticeships reforms; Technical and Further Education Bill; Focus on Funding and Resources; Other news in brief   

October 2016: Including Adult Education contracts terminated for Third Sector providers; Local Area Reviews - new guidance; Brexit - European funding guarantees and implications for FE; Digital Skills to be offered for free – but no new money to pay for it; Devolution and localism - a guide; Government listens to sector concerns over Apprenticeships; ESOL Strategy; The importance of employability skills; Developments in Careers services; Focus on Events, Funding and Resources; Other news in brief   

September 2016 Including Lord Sainsbury's Skills Plan; Devolution and Localism - why you should care; Local Area Reviews and college mergers; Apprenticeships; events, funding and resources; other news in brief

July 2016: Including  Brexit implications; Lord Sainsbury’s Skills Plan; SIR Data Opportunity; Devolution and localism; Apprenticeships; All Party Parliamentary Report on Adult Education; and Theresa May’s New Departments and Minsters.

June 2016: Including Brexit; Area Reviews; Devolution and localism; Digital Skills; Apprenticeships; Traineeships; FE and Training Sector Workforce Data; ESOL