Let's Talk

Enable ran two Let's Talk events in Lincoln and Nottingham, after the first event proved popular.  Attendees said Let's Talk helped them to improve their knowledge about how technology can be used for teaching and to support learning.

At the events, attendees learned top tips from other training professionals, shared their expertise with other Enable members, made new contacts and networks, developed new skills, discovered new resources, and found out how learning can be enhanced through using everyday tech such as smartphones or free software.


Prof X event Lincoln Enable.jpg      Prof X event Lincoln Enable2.jpg     Prof X event Lincoln Enable3.jpg

Prof X event Lincoln Enable4.jpg     Prof X event Lincoln Enable5.jpg    Prof X event Lincoln Enable6.jpg

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Prof X Nottingham.jpg    Prof X Nottingham2.jpg    Prof X Nottingham3.jpg

Prof X Nottingham4.jpg    Prof X Nottingham5.jpg    Prof X Nottingham6.jpg

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