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There are various ways for you to get involved with the TSNLA


  1. Join as a Member – receive information, join a community of other Third Sector learning providers and get access to a range of resources and support. 
  2. Join as an Investor Member – get all the benefits of being a member but with more influence! Help the TSNLA set the agenda, get involved in campaigns that are important to you, and get first access to support and funding.  
  3. Represent the TSNLA at key meetings and events. We encourage Investor Members to help the TSNLA act as a coordinated “voice” for Third Sector learning and skills providers, and ensure that the key issues and contribution of the sector are known to government at national and local levels.  Representation of the TSNLA and its members is a crucial element of the “voice” function and we have a protocol to ensure that individuals and organisations representing the TSNLA do so with both support and accountability in place. 

    Download the Representation Protocol
    Download the Feedback Form to help you report back to the TSNLA 
  4. Let us know what you are doing!  From time to time, the TSNLA is asked to produce Case Studies of effective learning and skills work by the Third Sector.  Such Case Studies will come from the sector itself, and be used to showcase the work of members and their impact on the wider agenda of learning and skills.  The TSNLA may ask the membership to contribute examples of their work and the impact it has had.  It will use direct emails to request this information. 
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Get involved right now!

1. TSNLA response to the proposed re-tendering of AEB budget

The TSNLA has sent letters to Peter Lauener, Rob Halfon, Richard Atkins, Gordon Marsden and Justine Greening in response to the announcement by the SFA that current Independent Training Providers holding AEB contracts for adult learning will have their contracts terminated next summer, and will need to re-tender for the work.

Specific issues addressed in this letter include: the lack of a level playing field with large FE Colleges who will not be expected to re-tender for their own contracts, yet can bid for the Third Sector budgets; the vulnerability of Third Sector learning consortia which include many small specialist providers who may be unable to become directly funded; the inconsistency of deciding only this year to apply EU tendering rules when the country has just voted to leave the EU; the absurdity of categorising Third Sector learning providers alongside for-profit organisation;  and the potential devastating on-going impact of Area Reviews and devolution deals that do not include any reference to the Third Sector.

See a copy of this letter.

2. Get involved and save adult learning! 

Join the #Saveouradultlearning Twitter campaign, or follow @thetsnla to keep up with the latest updates.

3. TSNLA response to Apprenticeship changes

The TSNLA has sent a letter to Peter Lauener and Rob Halfon raising concerns about some of the changes to Apprenticeships, and the potential negative implications of these. The changes specifically mentioned are: the new frameworks and their suitability for lower level Apprenticeships; the implications of sub-contracting for the Third Sector due to their current categorisation as Independent Training Providers; and the inadequate funding of Functional Skills.

See a copy of this letter. 

Thank you for supporting the TSNLA with these campaigns!